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Why Choose Star Solutions for Garage Doors Repair?

Why Choose Star Solutions for Garage Doors Repair?

A non-functioning garage doors repair can cause headaches for everyone, and it can devalue your house and neighborhood. Not only can a broken door detract from the value of your house, it can also be unattractive to look at. But even worse, it could compromise the safety of your home and family.

The sooner you get your garage door repaired, the safer you’ll feel. You can rest knowing that your belongings, family and car are safe.
Star solutions is your number one choice for garage doors repair. We are fast, reliable, affordable and local. Give us a call today, and let us help you with your repair needs. A safe home brings peace of mind.

Star Solutions Has The Best Garage Door Openers

Whether you need extra garage door openers, new garage door openers or want to convert your garage to one that can be opened at the click of a button, Star Solutions has you covered. We can repair, re-program or replace your current openers at a fair price.
You have the option to choose the opener that is right for your needs. We offer belt drives, chain drives, and screw drives. And we will talk you through the pros and cons of each style so that you know exactly what is best for your needs.
Star Solutions is your local solution for all your garage opener needs. Now is the time to secure ease of access into your garage. Give Star Solutions a call to learn how we can help you today. We are reliable, affordable and professional. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener.

Star Solutions Has the Best Garage Door Repair in Jenkintown, PA

If you are in need of garage doors repair in Jenkintown, PA, look no further. Star Solutions is your go-to, local provider for all things related to garages. Star Solutions is reliable, professional and affordable. We can service all kinds of needed repairs from commercial to residential.
A broken door on your garage can compromise the safety of your house, family and valuables. Protect your assets by getting the repairs done quickly and professionally by a local business located in Jenkintown, PA.

Call Star Solutions today. We will evaluate your situation and make recommendations that cater to your needs. And because we’re are local, you can rest assured that we will take great care to provide you excellent work at a fair price. We care about our customers, and we care about our community. Shopping local is always the best option.

Star Solutions Specializes in Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Broken Springs | Star Solutions Garage Door

Are you building a new home or garage? Let Star Solutions garage doors repair take care of your garage door installation needs. Our services are professional, our installers are reliable and our rates are affordable.

We provide you with many garage door installation options. Whether you are looking for an ornate door with windows and trim, a wooden door that opens on hinges or an extra secure door to protect your valuable possessions, we can accommodate your needs. Let Star Solutions help you with your installation needs today.

Star Solutions is affordable, professional and reliable. We look forward to helping you with your installation project. Your garage in one of the most valuable investments in your home, and we will take special care when we work on your garage installation needs. Give us a call today. .

Let Star Solutions Help Your Garage Door Replacement Project

Star Solutions is your go-to expert when it comes to your garage door replacement project. Are your old doors starting to show signs of age and wear? Do broken windows or dented doors devalue the price of your home? Are your doors sticking, clunking or screeching when you are trying to open them? Household essentials 240 hinge it Magnetic.

Whatever your reason, garage door replacement can give your house a fresh look while promoting ease of access into your garage. Let Star Solutions help you beautify and secure your home today. We take pride in our professionalism. Our installers are reliable. And our prices our affordable.

And when you use Star Solutions, you are supporting a local business in your community. Because reputation is important to us, you can be sure we will deliver an excellent product with impeccable service.

Garage Door Springs Replacement Can Change Everything

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best policy to keep your garage, people and belongings safe is preventative garage door springs replacement. Spring replacement is something that should be done on a regular basis. But most importantly, spring replacement should be done prior to any damage that can occur to your family and belongings if your springs snap.

Star Solutions can replace your old, squeaky and rusty door springs to keep your garage door functioning with ease and safety. In addition, new springs will look and sound better. No more squeaking. No more rust.

Give Star Solutions a call today to find out how our local business can get your springs working their best through garage door springs replacement. Star Solutions is local, reliable, professional and affordable. We look forward to serving our local community.

Avoid the Dangers of Garage Door Broken Springs

Star Solutions cares about you and your family. Garage door broken springs can be extremely dangerous to you or your belongings. Plus broken springs can make it very difficult to open and close your garage door. Many people use their garage as a gateway to their very home. Much use from regular opening and closing can weaken and damage the springs. If your springs snap unexpectedly, they can cause physical harm to people and property.

Star Solutions can inspect your garage door springs for structural integrity and fix or repair any potential problems. Caring for your garage is caring for your family. Star Solutions can help you avoid the danger of garage door broken springs. We are fast, reliable and affordable. Call Star Solutions today.

Star Solutions Is The Best Place for Purchasing Local Garage Doors

Star Solutions provides superior garage products of all kinds. If you are looking for doors for your garage, you are in the right place.
Shopping local supports people and businesses in your own community. In addition, you can get to know the company who is providing your goods and services. And when it comes to choosing garage doors, Star Solutions is your number one choice. We are locally owned and operated, and we are experts at helping you choose the best garage products for your needs.

Star Solutions has a huge selection of garage doors to choose from in many colors, styles, materials and sizes. We service both residential and commercial clients. So whatever your needs, we can supply you with the best products in the industry. Our company is committed to three core values: reliability, professionalism, and affordability.

When looking for a garage door, you can be sure to find all your needs at Star Solutions garage doors repair. And you get to support your community. We are committed to providing you with a superior experience. Give us a call today.

Torsion SprinG | What to do if the Torsion Spring Fails | Star Solutions Garage Door

What to do if the Torsion Spring Fails

What to do if the Torsion Spring Fails

If you have a rollup door in the garage, there’s a huge spring that hangs just above the assembly. Referred to as the torsion spring, this part takes on the weight of the door as it lifts and lowers several times a day. It makes sense that the spring will fail at some point. The tension involved is extreme, especially with garage doors weighing 200 pounds or more. Learn what to do if the torsion spring fails so that everyone is calm and collected.

Avoid Panic

A failed spring in your garage produces a loud bang when it finally snaps. On carriage-style doors, there are relatively small springs that line up vertically along the sides. Torsion springs are much larger, however. They’re confined within a housing so that a break doesn’t cause damage to the surrounding environment.

You’ll hear a loud “bang” when the torsion spring fails. Don’t panic when you hear this sound. It’s startling so carefully look in the garage after the sound occurs. The spring may look bent or even cracked. Every failure produces a different reaction.

Clear the Area

After you verify that the spring is the cause for the sound, clear the garage area. The door will probably be closed at this point. The spring supports the door’s weight so most failures leave the garage in a stagnant position.

If the door was in motion when the spring failed, the panels may have hit the ground with blunt force. Extensive damage might extend from the spring and into the entire door assembly. Ideally, stay away from the area. Contact professionals to evaluate the situation. The door and spring won’t move any further, but you don’t want children or pets around the area for safety purposes.

Contact the Professionals

Garage Door Broken Springs | Star Solutions Garage Door

Contact garage door specialists who understand torsion springs. Modern doors have this construction, which requires training and experience on the part of the service personnel.Professionals who’re unfamiliar with torsion springs may not have the tools or technique to safely install the new assembly. What to do if the Torsion Spring Fails.

The best way to ensure a safe repair is by hiring the company that installed the door. They’ll be familiar with the model, parts and your physical property. Remember that you won’t be able to use the garage until the spring is replaced. Any items within the space, including vehicles, will have to wait for the professionals.

Understand the Repair Solution

Your garage door specialists will look over the damage when they arrive at your property. If the door panels are damaged, they’ll remove them first. They remove the old spring and replace it with specialized tools. The spring must be positioned with a certain amount of tension so that the door can open with ease. Lubrication and testing will complete the service.

If you have any questions surrounding your garage door, contact Star Solutions out of Jenkintown, PA. Our team can evaluate your property and suggest improvements. Your garage door does a lot of work for the household. Treat it right for years of reliable service.

How To Keep Your Garage Door Operating Properly Quietly And Safely

Your garage door is an asset to your house that could often be ignored when it comes to some safety check , but remember your garage door is used at least two times a day on average, so this means showing it some care by doing some protective service can extend the lifespan of your garage door.

Check and Listen

The easiest precaution for your garage door is to simply keep an eye and ear on it each time you make use of it. As it opens and closes, check for any wrench or strange movements and also listen for grinding as well as scraping.

Replace/Change Weather Seals

Garage door weather-stripping, also known as door-seal, fills the opening around the edge of the garage door. The door-seal also restricts air flow into the garage and assists keep dust as well as debris from entering the door. You can purchase your garage door weather-seal and install it yourself or have your technicians install it for you.

Keep the Garage Door Track Clean

An easy way to ensure your garage door continues to operate correctly is to keep it clear of dirt as well as debris to the extent which is possible.

Frequent attention to your garage door track and also the rollers will keep your garage door operating properly, quietly and safely. You may clean the inside of your garage door-tracks with a tiny object for example a sponge or a toothbrush. Apply a cleaner onto the tracks, and then make use of a clean rag to take away cleaner and any other debris. Ensure that you don’t leave objects near the tracks that can interfere with your garage door’s operation.

Lubricate Functioning Parts like Chains and Springs 

Your garage door roller as well as hinges, and springs will work well when being lubricated no less than two times a year with a light-oil for example Spray Lube, you can purchase other door and spray lubes at home improvement stores.

These are tips on what you should do

Hinges: Simply spray the hinges of your garage door with lubricant at its turn-points. Simply like a normal door in your house, after a while the hinges could wear down, creating a creaking noise. With proper conservation, your garage door hinges will become quiet and work more well.

Springs: Make sure you lubricate your garage door springs, whether they’re extension or even torsion-springs, to tackle problems because of normal wear and tear from the frequent up and down motion of your garage door and to extend the lifespan of your springs.

Rollers: For your garage door to operate quietly and properly, make sure to lubricate your rollers.

Make sure to keep clean your garage door safety Eyes known as (Photos Eyes)

Garage door photo eyes should be kept clean and free of difficulty in order to operate correctly.  In case you’re having problems with your garage door working properly, dirty or even misaligned photo eyes can be your problem and if your garage door is set with an automatic opener, you must test to ensure the sensor operates properly and without delay stops the garage door once something crosses the sensor while closing. But for any reason and it doesn’t seem to be operating properly, you should have the system examined by a trained technician.

This easy checklist will assist to extend the life of your garage door, keep it operating properly, quietly plus safely and keep you as well as your family safe and sound. It might seem wearisome but if you constantly clean and examine your garage door, you won’t have to deal with much problems in the future.

Garage Door Systems and Professional Installation Service

Nothing in this world ever legitimately lasts forever. Garage door systems aren’t in any way an exception. They’re like other things in that they age and weaken. That’s why the need for garage door replacement service is always inevitable. If you want to protect yourself from all kinds of annoyances and time wastes, you should keep updated on the state of your garage door system. If it’s in dire need of full replacement, you may be able to easily tell. Star Solutions Garage Doors is the name of a local garage door business that can assist you with all kinds of things. If you need garage door repair, replacement, upkeep or installation, we’re accessible to serve you. We can provide you with a new garage door that’s sturdy and modern. Our garage door installations are professional, safe, detail-oriented, efficient and organized. That’s the reason our customer base keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day.

Replacing Your Garage Door System

Knowing exactly when to replace a garage door can be an asset. Dealing with an old garage door that’s essentially useless can eat up a lot of your energy. If you’re in need of a new garage door, you may experience nonstop failures. If your garage door system is the opposite of dependable and constantly gives you grief, then that’s an undeniable indication. Other indications are unbelievably slow actions, stubborn sounds, shutting difficulties and opening woes. If your garage door takes its sweet time shutting and opening, then that probably means that it’s ready to say goodbye.

Aesthetic concerns can also help people decide whether they should replace their garage door systems. Garage doors are susceptible to all kinds of flaws that you can see and touch. If you look at your old garage door up close, there may be conspicuous scratches and scrapes. All sorts of things can trigger these as well. These things include weather conditions, playing kids and even crashes. Taking care of minor imperfections is frequently possible. Imperfections can add up, though. Immoderate imperfections can make your garage door and garage in general look awful. That’s why so many people choose to deal with significant scratching and scraping by going for complete replacement service.

Top-Quality Garage Doors Installations

Star Solutions Garage Doors is a reputable business that offers garage doors installations that are better than most people can grasp. Our professional garage door installation service is worthwhile for many critical reasons. Our installation service promotes security and safety. If you want to steer clear of any worries that relate to incorrect door installation practices, you can trust our technicians. Our technicians employ garage door system tools and supplies that are resilient, modern and strong. Recruiting our local garage door firm for installation work can be helpful to people who have chaotic schedules. Installing a garage door system in the correct manner can require a lot of time and attention. If you don’t have energy and free time to handle complicated and intricate garage door tasks, our installation assistance can be a lifesaver.

Strong Customer Service

Star Solutions Garage Doors is a garage door company that believes in exceptional customer service no matter what. If you ever have any questions that pertain to our work, simply ask them. Our technicians work tirelessly to make our customers feel terrific. Your peace of mind as a customer means everything to our team members. If you ever have any concerns that involve garage door replacement, we have answers for you. We can talk to you about smart garage door system maintenance strategies. We can talk to you about pinpointing troubles that involve garage door system remotes, springs, cables, tracks and beyond, too.

Schedule an Appointment With Star Solutions Garage Doors

You don’t have to suffer with an older garage door that just isn’t in tiptop condition. Star Solutions Garage Doors can provide you with replacement service that’s outstanding in every way. Our garage door repair, replacement and installation prowess has no competition. We have some of the most attentive and patient technicians working for our team. Call Star Solutions Garage Doors now to reserve an appointment for the greatest garage door replacement service available.

Garage Door Commercial Services

Star Solutions Garage Door can install and repair garage doors for all your commercial, industrial, or business properties – loading docks, warehouses, schools, showrooms, municipal buildings, car dealerships, storage facilities – wherever you may find yourself in need of a trained Garage Door expert, we can provide assistance, anywhere in the Jenkintown, PA area. We offer a full range of styles and brands, so we can get the garage door that is perfect for your needs, in both design and performance. We offer a wide variety of sizes, options, and custom configurations to ensure that we meet the specific requirements for your business.

Star Solutions Garage Door offers the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable repair services on commercial doors to be found in the Jenkintown area. We proudly offer:

With our twenty four hour response teams, you can rest assured that your property will be well protected and your problems solved quickly when you trust Star Solutions Garage Door.

Call us today! 1 (800) 517-5377

We offer a wide variety of door options to help ensure perfect operation, including:

  • Fire doors, which automatically close when triggered by fire alarms and smoke detectors to help protect the contents of the garage in question, and are rated to withstand fire damage
  • Insulated sectional doors to help with climate controlled environments – highly durable, and long lasting, as well
  • Sectional doors, for a durable option that won’t stress your budget
  • Traffic doors, made out of heavy duty fabric that are quick to open and can withstand constant use.
  • Rolling service doors, which are great for small spaces where sectional doors would not have enough room to be installed; very durable, highly secure, and made out of either aluminum or steel
  • And so much more!

You want to ensure your doors are operating at maximum performance levels, so trust your garage doors to the experts! Our courteous and professional specialists will handle your problem, quickly and efficiently, at a price that won’t break your budget. Call us today, and let your commercial garage door problems become a thing of the past!